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Autumn on the Web
It is often said that humanity has been going through three great cultural revolutions since the beginning of our era. Without forgetting all the preceeding human great steps, just before blowing out our second autumn anniversary candles, let's consider these events to see what might be of concern to us, harmonica players.
The first event of this revolutionary trilogy is, in the middle of the 15th century, the discovery of printing by Johannes Gutenberg. The second one is the industrial revolution in the 19th century (let's pay tribute to the Hohner saga).
Following this event, its consequences and developments, the humanity, its morals, habits, lifestyle, have been carried away in an uninterrupted wirlwind of discoveries and inventions, the latest being the invention of the World Wide Web.
And here we are ! It's what allows us to communicate and to be there for our rendez-vous on the web.
That's also where we meet Sourav Chowdhury, symbol of the world music, who recently sent us a video clip recorded in a Taj Mahall scenery, with sweet tremolos at the Key.
And finally, to stay on the same tonality, we have the pleasure to inform you that Mongolia is the 86st country to join us.

Harmonically yours

Jean Labre
Published October 16th 2007


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