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Happy New Year 2008

Once upon a time, two planets lost in the Universe infinity, two specks of dust in our galaxy.
One is the Earth. It's already known that its length of life is estimated to five billions years !
After reading those lines as an introduction, you must have already guessed the name of the second planet... the " Harmonica planet "! And of course, its life is intimately connected with that of the preceeding planet !

Back to the future... Let's try to imagine what will happen, during this gigantic period of time, on our little mouth organ planet. Let's try to figure out how many editors will have to succeed me to take care of, until the announced end of time.
Back to the future... Let's go on picturing an inevitable cross-breeding " human-aliens " and improbable harmonica jamborees in the stars !

It's New year's Eve ! Let's make the most of this opportunity and share a moment of foolishness...

But now... back to the present time and the today reality, with its scattered gifts wraps and empty champagne glasses... back to this morning to welcome Malta, the 94th country visiting and most of all, back to wish you all a very

Happy New Year.

With my best wishes

Jean Labre "
Published December 26th 2007


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