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April Spring Fever
It is interesting to notice that in many different countries, the first days of April are celebrated by the same sort of events : days of foolishness and tricks.

The 1st of April is in France the day of "Poissons d'Avril" (April fishes) when French children used to fix a fish drawing to the back of their schoolmates, shouting "Poisson d'Avril" when the prank is discovered.It is also the use to tell false news really unexpected and unrealistic ones.

Kids will also be amused to know about flying church bells, a Christian tale linked to Easter. On their way back home from Roma, where they went to be blessed by the Pope, the church bells traditionally drop Easter chocolate eggs to be found by little French children in their rooms, yards or gardens... with, of course, the complicity of their parents !

I claim a child's mind. I love April !
I did not found any egg in my garden on the 1st April this year. That very day I was in front my computer when I received an unexpected message, an Easter present coming from Khazakstan, the hundredth country paying a visit to A warm welcome to Khazakstan harmonica players.
By the way, who knows how the bells know where you live ?
Nobody...but the web knows !

- Jean Labre
Published April 1st 2008


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