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Reeds and Stars
The great international French singer Alain Bashung died of cancer a week ago.
I remember him during his last TV Music Awards appearance, it was at the beginning of March. At the end of his last piece, he plaid harmonica with an incredible sensibility ; it was a great moment of emotion... one of the magic secrets of our instrument.

It has been noticed, for a long time now, that many star singers are enjoying the complicity of the mouthorgan to improve their shows. For example : Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsbourg, the Beatles, John Lennon, Mac Cartney, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Mike Jager, Elton Jones, etc.
A few bars are often enough to leave a mark in the popular memory.

Mouth organ is going on well, since a long time and hopefully for a long time in the future...
The 21st of April, a mythical concert will take place in the Aoso Jinyia Shrine (VIIth century) at Sendai, Japan, announced as
" 4500 years of life for a universal instrument ",
with, in the first part of the concert, the young virtuoso Yuu Takahachi, Shô* player. And I'll have the great honour to play different harmonicas in the second part.

Back to the present time now... Azerbaïdjan is the 121st country to visit Welcome to the Club !
If you wish, don't hesitate, join us for the yearly festival
" Harmonicas de France " at the end of May*.

Jean Labre

*Sheng and Shô, reeds ancestors of the mouthorgan.

*I invite you to have a look at our events calendar, click on "News".
Published March 21st 2009


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