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The taste of Others
June 21st... That day is a gift ! One more time, I have had the great pleasure to take part in the "Music Fest Day" with the Mirajazz Quintet, in the Paris mythical area of Saint Germain des Prés, in a café just across the legendary cabaret "La rose Rouge" (1946-1974), full of souvenirs, souvenirs...

But the today's world compels us to get back to the current affairs, with the media and the web which are inundating us with millions of pixels, among which sometimes emerge some news concerning our instrument... We shall not complain about it, of course, judging by the number of harmonica websites, of which I have tried hard to make an inventory that you'll discover, for the most part of it, in my column "Address Book":

After the "King" Elvis, Michael Jackson... The King of the Pop Music has gone back to his planet ! That's life. Larry Adler and Claude Garden, that the media have more or less forgotten, had also left, leaving us their inconsolable orphans.
We should put into perspective the dimension that celebrity sometimes reaches. The essential and the priority should lie in our preferences and our feelings.
May the destiny take care of Howard Levy and Toot's Thielemans, our so matchless aliens !

It's the beginning of the seasonal migration to summer pastures in Var, a department in the south Alps, to which I am deeply attached. Sheperds and flocks heading up the mountain spaces...
Thousand of years old choice of life, a total gap with what we are living today, in our so-called civilized world... which allows us to believe in a better future.

Let's have the taste of others and of the world around us... If only people would accept to push the door behind which everything becomes possible...

Jean Labre
Published June 28th 2009


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