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King's Harmonica Quintet in Concert

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The King's Harmonica Quintet was created in 1987, in Hong Kong, by five young enthusiastic harmonicists, who were determined to create a revolutionary form of harmonica performance aiming to make the most of the instrument abilities. The quintet transcribes classical string quartet pieces for chromatic and bass harmonicas ; the chromatics played by Ho Pak-Cheong, Kenneth Chan (for the treble range) and Rocky Lok, Lau Chun-Bong (for the tenor range). The fifth player is the talented Johnny Kuan, at the bass harmonica replacing the cello of a traditional chamber music ensemble.
The quintet repertoire embraces three centuries of musical development in eastern and western cultures. Their works are including Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Borodine, Chostakovitch and others pieces as well as Chinese pieces of Chen Gang, He Zhanhao, Li Huanzhi, Chan Ka Fu and Mui Kwong-Chiu, etc.
Their technique is very good, their tone quality is a pleasure to listen to, and their musical arrangements are excellent. Each piece appears to me to be a faithful translation of the composer's original intention.
The King's Harmonica Quintet will be featuring next month, 26th/02, in the 38th Hong Kong Arts Festival which takes place in the Concert room of the Hong Kong City Hall. The Hong Kong Arts Festival is a great worldwide cultural meeting... for people who will have the chance to share these great moments with our Hong Kong Harmonica friends.
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Published January 21st 2010


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