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Read more ...France Harmonicas 2019

This Festival will take place in the city of Cluses, Haute Savoie France 74300, May 17 to 19. This event has the peculiarity that the city of Cluses is twinned with the city of Trossingen, Germany, since 1974. Read more ...
Published May 14th 2019

Read more ...Annual Convention AJHF 2019 Japan

The AJHF 2019 convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation), will take place in the hotel Langwood Tokyo, 5-55-5 Higashi Nippori Arakawa-ku TOKYO
Saturday 19th, the traditional opening concert, featuring, among other players: The Harmonica Band Sakura Orchestra, Trio 99, Champ de Fleurs Quartet. Read more ...
Published March 6th 2019

Read more ...Happy New Year 2019
Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Feliz ano nuevo, Glückliches Neues Jahr, Aengboghan Schae, Felic Any You, Xin nian kuai le, Sae Heh Bok Manh-i Bat-Uh-seyo, Buon Anno, Tahun Baru Gembira, Gelukkig Neowjaar, Akemashite Omedeto, An Nou Fericit, Onnellista Uutta Vuotta, Bhliain Nua Sàsta, Novus Annus , Mutlu Yeni Yil, Happy Year Omusha, Furaha Ya Mwaka Mpya, Bonan Novjaron. Read more ...
Published December 28th 2018

Read more ...Yearly Convention SPAH 2018
The annual SPAH Convention is the most important harmonica meeting of the year in USA.
The 2018 SPAH Convention will take place in St Louis Missouri USA, from the 14th to the 18th of August, in the "Sheraton Westport Lakeside Chalet". Read more ...
Published May 2nd 2018

Read more ...Japanese AJHF Convention
The AJHF Convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation) will take place April 22st, at the Lungwood hotel, Nippori, Tokyo.
Program : the Convention general meeting during which Jean Labre will make a presentation of the harmonica situation in France and Europe. Read more ...
Published April 3rd 2018

Read more ...Musique en Bouche
A traveler's life is made of fragments of everything happening to him,
lived situations, stories gathered here and there, moments of reflection, of meditation under the clouds, those wonderful clouds complicit in the widest dreams. Read more ...
Published March 3rd 2018

Read more ...Japanese AJHF Convention
The AJHF Convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation) will take place April 21st, at the Lungwood hotel, Nippori, Tokyo.
Program : But also, traditionally, the evening before, an opening concert will take place in the concert hall at 4,30pm. Read more ...
Published March 1st 2018

Read more ...Musikmesse
The "Musikmesse" in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is the leading international tradefair for musical instruments, music sheets, music producers and marketing. Most of harmonica brands are ready to welcome you in their booths, among them: Hohner, Seydel, Tombo/Lee Oskar, Suzuki, Hering, etc. Read more ...
Published February 13th 2018

Read more ...Toots Thielemans
Toots Thielemans died, Monday august 22, in Braine-l'Alleud, Belgium, at the age of 94.
With him disappears the jazz player, the « King », globally recognized by his peers : Quincy Jones, Charlie Parker, Benny Goodman, George Shering, Oscar Peterson, Dizzi Gillespie, and many others. Read more ...
Published August 30th 2016

Read more ...Franz Chmel
Franz had passed away at the age of 72, on August Thursday the 18th, after a long illness. The Harmonica planet is mourning.
His first contact with harmonica was when he was 6 years old. Read more ...
Published August 27th 2016

Read more ...SPAH Annual Convention 2016
The annual SPAH Convention is America's biggest harmonica party!
Held in a different city every year, the SPAH Convention is a five days event that features seminars, jams, and world-classes performances for players of all types of harmonica and all styles of music. Read more ...
Published June 17th 2016

Read more ...Ampoigné 2nd Harmonica Festival
After the success obtained last year, the mayor of this very welcoming town has decided to organize a 2nd Festival this year. It will take place at the City Concert Hall .
Ampoigné (France 53200) is situated in the « Mayenne » province area, near Laval city. Read more ...
Published June 8th 2016

Read more ...Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival
After Hangzhou, China, the 11th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival (APHF) will take place from the 2nd to the 7th of August, at Hsinchu, Taiwan. It will be the most important harmonica event of the year. Read more ...
Published June 6th 2016

Read more ...ARMOS Concert
The ARMOS quartet have been highlighting the qualities of the chromatic harmonica since 2004, with a particulary rich repertory from classic music to jazz and variety, including compositions of Pierre Rochat talented harmonica and violin player. Read more ...
Published May 12th 2016

Read more ...Harmonica in the Paris Opera
Paris Opera Garnier was born in 1875... For the first time in its history it will host a musical instrument born also in the 19th century, the harmonica of Antoine Leroux, very talented harmonica player. Read more ...
Published March 10th 2016

Read more ...Tokyo Convention AJHF 2016
The AJHF convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation) will take place in the hotel « Lungwood Nippori », Tokyo, April 23th and 24th.
On Saturday 23th : Traditional Opening Concert at the « Yaruto Hall Theater » (Higashi-Shimbashi), Tokyo, in collaboration with « Japan Harmonica Arts Association ». Read more ...
Published March 9th 2016

Read more ...Iran 1st Harmonica Festival
"If all the guys of the world wanted to join hands..."
Welcome to our Iranian friends who are joining us in our harmonica world. Our instrument has no borders, let's rejoice in it. Read more ...
Published March 5th 2016

Read more ...Harmonicas de France Orchestra
This famous orchestra conducted by Pierre Couteau had just taken a new dimension by merging with the group « The Lutéciens » of Paris. The Lutéciens became recently an association under the leadership of its new president Jean Saquy. Read more ...
Published March 4th 2016

Read more ...Festival Harmonicas de France 2016
This Festival will take place in Montlhery 91310 France, May 20th to 22nd.
The Festival proposes :
- Friday 20 : 7pm, welcome dinner/concert at the restaurant « Le Liceas », 22 Bel Air street, Z. Read more ...
Published February 11th 2016

Read more ...Batofar Show
The Batofar is a boat with a lighthouse fixed in the middle of her bridge. It's a place for artistic meetings, where artists are submitted to an applausemeter system at the end of their show. Read more ...
Published February 10th 2016

Read more ... Francfort MUSIC MESSE 2016
"Musikmesse" in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is the leading international tradefair for musical instruments, sheet music, music producers and marketing. Most harmonica brands are ready to welcome you in their booths, among them : Hohner, Seydel, Tombo/Lee Oskar, Susuki, Hering, etc. Read more ...
Published February 5th 2016

Read more ...Trossingen New Harmonica Museum
Our old Harmonica and Accordion Museum will be closed definitely Sunday November 29th 2015.
The new one at the new place Bau V in the former Hohner plant will be opened at the end of April (maybe early May) 2016. Read more ...
Published November 10th 2015

Read more ...HARMO-BEAUJO 2015
The arrival of "Beaujolais Nouveau" wine*, on the 16th of November, has now become a global event and Japan has not escaped this festive tsunami.
In November 1999, an Air France cargo Boeing arrived in Tokyo Narita airport, loaded with 145 tons of Beaujolais Nouveau. Read more ...
Published October 22nd 2015

Read more ...Harmonicas Ressources Center
On Saturday, October the10th the Condat Harmonica Ressources is organizing a day of conference debate in the library "Le Bateau Livre", in Condat (87920) France.
The theme of this debate will be : "Musicians and Concerts Organizers". Read more ...
Published October 7th 2015

Read more ...Orchestre Harmonicas de France
Harmonicas de France Orchestra was born under the leadership of Pierre Couteau and Charles Le Croller both experienced harmonica players. In 1965 Pierre Couteau was awarded the world champion prize in Delft, Holland, with his legendary trio « Les Trois de l'Harmonica ». Read more ...
Published September 26th 2015

Read more ...Trossingen Harmonica Masters Workshops
The « Trossingen Harmonica Masters Workshop » were created in November 2003 by Steve Baker, initiative in cooperation with « Hohner Musical Instruments ». The next edition will be held from November 4th to 8th at the new Trossingen Conservatory which is considered as one of the best place in Europe for learning musical instruments ; particularly in this case the Blues harmonica, favorite area of our friend Steve Baker. Read more ...
Published September 12th 2015

Read more ... Taiwan Harmonica International Festival THIF 2015
This Festival will take place from the 8th to the 11th of October at Taipei, Taiwan, led by the HAPA local harmonica association. A world meeting for harmonica lovers, the organizing committee proposes a lot of activities, including a "Taiwan International Elite Competition", a "Thematic Workshop" and an International Concert, program : The Adler Trio (Israel), Yasuho Watani (Japan), Masmi Oishi (Japan), Willy Burger (Italy), Mike Stewens (USA), among others, as well as the Sirius Harmonica Ensemble (Taiwan). Read more ...
Published August 3rd 2015

Read more ...Mile-Hight Harmonica Adventure
Organized by "The Mile High Harmonica Club", this yearly convention SPAH (Society for Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica) will take place at the Crown Plaza Denver National Airport Hotel, Denver 32123 USA. Read more ...
Published May 13th 2015

Read more ...Exhibition Harmonicas Making Process
This exibition will be held from the 6th to 30th of May 2015 in the bookshop "Le Bateau Livre", place de la Libération, 87110 Condat sur Vienne FRANCE.
Tuesdays, Thursdays an Fridays from 2. Read more ...
Published April 23rd 2015

Read more ...2015 AJHF Convention
The AJHF Convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation) will take place in the hotel "Lungwood Niporri", Tokyo, April 18th and 19th 2015.
Program on Saturday the 18th : traditional Opening Concert at the "Yaruto Hall Theater", Higashi Shimbashi, Tokyo. Read more ...
Published March 17th 2015

Read more ...ARMOS Concert
The Armos quartet have been highlighting the qualities of the chromatic harmonica since 2004, which a particulary rich repertory from classic music to jazz and variety, including compositions of Pierre Rochat talented harmonica and violonist player. Read more ...
Published February 27th 2015

Read more ...Festival Harmonicas de France
As indicated in our calendar, the yearly Festival "Harmonicas de France" will take place in Gandrange, 57120 France, May 29th to 31st, in the Cultural Center Daniel Balavoine situated in the center of the city. Read more ...
Published February 11th 2015

Read more ... Harmonica Festival Ampoigné
This Festival will take place in Ampoigné France 53200, from 29th to May 31st.
The organizing committee will offer a lot of attractive activities during these three days. Read more ...
Published February 8th 2015

Read more ...Merry Christmas
« Without gifts, Christmas would not be Christmas... »
Mario Scillia, unexpected Santa Claus, offers us a book with a CD including 10 carols ( Silent Night, O Christmas Tree, When the Saints, Jingle Bells, Amazing Grace, We wish you a Merry Christmas, etc. Read more ...
Published December 10th 2014

Read more ...Harmonica Golden CD
What has been lived intensely reappears from time to time over the years. That is the case today with the « Mariane Melodie » french label offering us a box of 2 cds, titled « Disque d'Or de l'Harmonica » » in which you'll find timeless fifties titles, with : the Raisner Trio, Toots Thielemans, Larry Adler, Borrah Minevitch, Claude Garden, Dany Kane and the Hill Billy's Trio. Read more ...
Published November 26th 2014

Condat sur Vienne, France, where has taken place the traditional festival « Harmonicales » led by Laurent Cagnon, renowned harmonica player; four days during which our instrument was featured, boosted by the presence of Brendan Power and Joe Filisko, the two « godfathers » of this event. Read more ...
Published October 23rd 2014

Read more ...Concert Nami Miyata
This concert « Organ and Harmonica » will take place on September 28th at Saint Lubin Church, Rambouillet 78120 France. 3pm. Featuring Nami Miyata, Harmonica & Yves Pelras, Organ. Read more ...
Published August 29th 2014

Read more ...10th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival
After Kuala Lumpur, Malaisia 2012, the 10th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival (AHF) will take place from 2nd to 5th of August, at the Zhejiang International Hotel at Hangzhou near Shanghai. Read more ...
Published July 18th 2014

Read more ...Beijing Festival
China is on the move. I'm back from the Beijing Harmonica Festival which took place from May 22nd to 27th, by the invitation of my friends, Jiayi-He, virtuoso chromatic, and Bai Yansheng « Beijing Hayan Harmonica Orchestra » conductor. Read more ...
Published June 22nd 2014

Read more ...AJHF Convention 2014
The AJHF Convention will take place at the hotel "Lungwood", Niporri, Tokyo, Japan.
Program : this event starts, on Saturday 19th, with the traditionnal opening concert (poster attached) at the "Yaruto Hall Theater" at Higashi Shimbashi, featuring : Mitsue Kusonoki, Yasuo Yamafuku, Nami Miyata and her trio "Comment allez-vous", etc. Read more ...
Published March 4th 2014

Read more ...FRANCFORT " MUSIKMESSE" 2014
« MusikMesse » in Frankfurt am Main is the leading international trade fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing. Most harmonica brands are ready to welcome you in their booths, among them : Hohner, Seydel, Lee Oskar/Tombo, Suzuki, Hering, etc. Read more ...
Published February 7th 2014

Read more ...Convention-Festival Harmonicas de France 2014
As indicated in our « Calendar », the yearly Festival « Harmonicas de France » will take place in the city of Montlhéry, 91310 France, not very far from Paris (34kms), at the Cultural Center Michel Spiral, 5-7 rue des Archers. Read more ...
Published February 6th 2014

Read more ...Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Bonne Année, Feliz ano nuevo, Glückliches Neues Jahr, Aengboghan Schae, Felic Any You, Xin nian kuai le, Sae Heh Bok Manh-i Bat-Uh-seyo, Buon Anno, Tahun Baru Gembira, Gelukkig Neowjaar, Akemashite Omedeto, An Nou Fericit, Onnellista Uutta Vuotta, Bhliain Nua Sàsta, Novus Annus , Mutlu Yeni Yil, Happy Year Omusha, Furaha Ya Mwaka Mpya, Bonan Novjaron. Read more ...
Published January 1st 2014

Read more ...Hohner Harmonica Practical Guide

Once again Hohner s/a editions are coming to our rescue revealing, tracking, the history of our instrument manufacturing, best sold on our planet.
Let's pay tribute to Laurent Parisot who is the author. Read more ...
Published October 25th 2013

Read more ...Franco de Gemini Death
Franco de Gemini has passed away on July 20th at the age of 84, in Roma, Italy. The Harmonica world is in mourning.

The mouth organ has often been taken by movies directors as an essentiel ingredient closely involved with the movies pictures. Read more ...
Published July 26th 2013

Read more ...Festival 50th Anniversary SPAH association
1963-2013. The SPAH (Society for Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica), USA, will celebrate the 50th anniversary of its creation during its annual convention to be held in St. Read more ...
Published July 5th 2013

Read more ..."Harmonicalement" meetings
It is in Alsace, in the heart of its vineyard situated in the east of France, close to Basel (Switzerland), that the harmonica player Zazapat invites us to share with him and his friends, moments of tasting harmonica on the 8th and 9th of this June. Read more ...
Published May 21st 2013

Read more ...Concert Armos Ensemble
Armos group is back in its wellknown atypical style, with a Minevitch color... we like. Once again Pierre Rochat, their leader, invites us to share a moment of escape with his partners Dominique Lannes, Gérard Margnoux and Jean Pierre Auger, in their favorite territory, the "Chapelle de Bon Secours", in Paris. Read more ...
Published May 19th 2013

Read more ...Yearly Festival Harmonicas de France
As indicated in our calendar column, this festival will take place in the Cultural Center Raymond Mervelet in VANTOUX 57070 France, near Metz city, from May the 10th to the 12th. Read more ...
Published April 24th 2013

Read more ...Quatuor Armos at the Emergenza Festival
Armos ensemble have been highlighting the qualities of the chromatic harmonica since 2004, with a particulary rich repertory from classical music to jazz and variety, and also of their leader's compositions, Pierre Rochat, chromatic and violonist player. Read more ...
Published March 28th 2013

The "MusikMesse » in Frankfurt am Main is the leading international trade fair for musical instruments, sheet music, music production and marketing. Most harmonica brands are ready to welcome you in their booths, among which: Hohner, Seydel, Lee Oskar/Tombo, Suzuki, Hering, etc. Read more ...
Published March 9th 2013

Read more ...World Harmonica Festival 2013
The Fédération Internationale de l'Harmonica welcomes you to the homepage of the World Harmonica Festival 2013. This international harmonica event will take place from Oct. Read more ...
Published January 24th 2013

Read more ...Online Harmonica Lessons wilth Charlie Mc Coy
Charlie Mc Coy has decided to pass on his experience, his style, to all who whish to learn the harmonica and also to improve on this instrument.
In this course, you will find more than 150 videos, covering all the main harmonica techniques that will allow you to play Country and Blues. Read more ...
Published January 1st 2013

Read more ...Trossingen 8th Harmonica Masters Workshops 2011
Welcome to the Harmonica Masters Workshops 2011!
THE HARMONICA MASTERS WORKSHOPS once again promise to be the one of the Trossingen's cultural highlights, from October 30th october to November 4th. Read more ...
Published October 28th 2012

Read more ...9th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2012
After Singapore in 2010, the 9th "Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2012" will take place from 3th to 6th August at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This biennial event is usually the appointment of the Pacific rim: Malaysia, Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Philippines, India, Polynesia, Thailand, Hawaii, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, United States (California), and other participants from around the World. Read more ...
Published August 12th 2012

Read more ...Helmut Hohner Death
Helmut Hohner has passed away on June 29, in his home in Villiers sur Marne (Paris suburb), at the age of 87. With him disappears an endearing character of the past century, atypical and outstanding technician, loyal friend loved by all of us who were fortunate enough to cross the path of this exceptional man. Read more ...
Published August 11th 2012

Read more ...2012 SPAH Convention
As it is announced in our calendar, the Spah convention is going to take place in Irving, Texas, from the 14th to 18th of August, in the hotel "Westin Dallas Fort Worth Airport", 4545 W. Read more ...
Published August 10th 2012

Read more ...Joe Powers' meeting in Paris

Passing by in Paris, Joe Powers the american diatonic/chromatic harmonica player, will dedicate his new CD "Just Duet", at the invitation of Jean Labre, in the café "Le Lien"(237 rue de Bercy 75012) on Saturday June 2nd, as indicated in our calendar column. Read more ...
Published May 5th 2012

Read more ...Yearly Festival Harmonicas de France

As indicated in our calendar column, this Festival will take place in f Jujurieux (01450 France) town situated in the Ain country, near the Swiss Border.
The program will include:
Friday June 8: Diatonic workshop with Michel Herblin, followed by a welcome dinner concert. Read more ...
Published May 4th 2012

Read more ...AJHF Convention Tokyo

AJHF Convention (All Japan Harmonica Federation).
It will take place April 22 at the hotel Ryogoku Dai-Ichi Tokyo.
General convention meeting during which Jean Labre will make a presentation of the situation of harmonica in France and Europe, followed by a seminar on international meetings, workshops, booths selling instruments of different trademarks and CDs. Read more ...
Published March 29th 2012

Read more ...Armos Ensemble in Concert
Armos ensemble have been highlighting the qualities of the chromatic harmonica since 2004, with a particulary rich repertory from classic music to jazz and variety show, and compositions of their leader, Pierre Rochat (chromatic and violonist player). Read more ...
Published February 8th 2012

Read more ...Walt Miller Death
Walt Miller, Walter Mueller (registry office), passed away on October 13th in his good city of Basle, Switzerland, at the age of 84. With him, disappeared one of the last great figures of the last century harmonica world, one of the last survivors of the Minevitch legend (photo: third from the left), and of the following adventure. Read more ...
Published October 25th 2011

Read more ...2011 SPAH Convention
As it was announced in our calendar, this convention is going to take place in Virginia Beach (VA 23462), from the 9th to the 13th of August, in the "Holiday Inn Virginia Beach-Norfolk Hotel". Read more ...
Published June 17th 2011

Read more ... A Star is born...
Her name is Rachelle Plas... She might be coming from another planet. I discovered this young diatonic prodigy during the concert "Harmonicas de France" (France Harmonica) on May 21st. Read more ...
Published May 30th 2011

Read more ...Conference "Autour de l'Harmonica"
Conference illustrated musically by Jean Labre and Beija around the theme of harmonicas practised nowadays : diatonic, chromatic, pentatonic, bass, chord, etc. From the birth of the instrument, 4500 years ago in China by the Emperor Houang-Ti, and the birth of the Shô in Japan in the 8th century (with a demonstration of a replica of this last one). Read more ...
Published May 5th 2011

Read more ...Concerts Japan Solidarity
After the "Sakura Waltz" interlude during the Armos'concert on April 2nd in the chapel "Bon Secours", in Paris, a "Solidarity Japan" concert will take place in the concert hall of the town Hall of the 13th ward in Paris, on Friday April 29th, at the initiative of the sympathetic press attaché Izumi Hirano. Read more ...
Published April 13th 2011

Read more ...Earthquake in Japan
Our Japanese friends have just suffered a terrible cataclysm of an unprecedented intensity... An earthquake affecting the northeast part of the country, including Tokyo, followed by an apocalyptic tsunami which has destroyed the city of Sendai and the surrouding area. Read more ...
Published March 12th 2011

Read more ...Yearly Festival Harmonicas de France
As indicated in our calendar column, the yearly Festival Harmonicas de France will take place in the city of Monthléry (91130), not very far from Paris (34kms).
The program will include :
- welcome diner concert on Friday
- on Saturday : Harmonica championship in the cultural center Michel Spiral, followed by an open stage, worhshops. Read more ...
Published February 22nd 2011

Read more ...All on stage with "Armos"
Depuis 2004 l"ensemble "Armos" met en valeur toutes les qualités musicales de l'harmonica chromatique avec un répertoire particukièrement riche allant du classique au jazz, de la variété aux compositions de Pierre Rochat, harmoniciste et violoniste talentueux. Read more ...
Published February 20th 2011

Read more ...New version for
Regular visitors may have found the site (slightly) reworked over this weekend. We hope you enjoy it. It is more up to date, more airy, more readable.
But the site is also more convenient: the store integrates online payment with Paypal, music samples are better and more numerous, a new RSS feed has been created to monitor the site news, images from articles are more accessible (display highlighted), long lists of articles are paged, among others improvements. Read more ...
Published January 5th 2011

Read more ...Albert Raisner death

Albert Raisner passed away suddenly in Paris on Saturday the 1st of January, at the age of 88.
The Harmonica planet is mourning.
Musician, he travelled all over the world with his famous trio, he was during several years producer and presenter of a famous TV show
" Age tendre et Têtes de bois ", he was also writer. Read more ...
Published January 4th 2011

Read more ..."Jouez du Neuf" publication
A welcome initiative H2F (Harmonicas de France) has just published a special issue : a book entitled " Jouez du Neuf ", in French and English, including 7 original compositions by Pierre Rochat. Read more ...
Published January 3rd 2011

January monthly meeting canceled
For works, the monthly meeting at the Café Concert "De l'Autre Côté" has been canceled in January. Next meeting on February, the 5th 2011.
Published December 13th 2010

Read more ...Concert "Cunfraterna di a Serra", "Corja150"
The association Corsica/Japan «Corja150 », was founded in 2008 at the initiative of Jean Brunet (France Harmonica Board member) and of a few friends of these two islands, to promote cultural meetings, atypical mixes of traditional instruments, vocals and choirs, like "Cunfraterna di a Serra". Read more ...
Published October 1st 2010

Read more ...DVD/Book - Rendez-vous with Tommy Reilly
The initiative of Uwe Warschkow offers us a very special moment with his DVD/book, proposing a series of interviews, harmonica lessons and much more, collected in the privacy of "Hammonds Woods"* with his friend Tommy Reilly. Read more ...
Published September 9th 2010

Read more ...Singapore 8th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival
This Asian Festival, organized every two years, is one of the most important events of our Harmonica World.
The "Harmonica Aficionados Society" (HAS), and its President Boh Teck Keong, are privileged to host this forthcoming Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2010 in Singapore. Read more ...
Published July 6th 2010

Read more ...SPAH Convention 2010

As it was announced in our Calendar, this convention is going to take place in Bloomington, Minnesota (Land of 10,000 Lakes ), from the 17th to the 21st of August, in the hotel "Ramada Inn- Mall of America", in the center of the city, supported by "The Garden State Harmonica Club" and "The Twin City Harmonica Society". Read more ...
Published June 28th 2010

Read more ...20th France Harmonica/Harmonicas de France Festival

This Festival will take place, from the 11th to the 13th of June, in the city of Domancy, France 74700, in the French Alp mountains area, near the "Mont Blanc". Read more ...
Published May 19th 2010

Read more ...Premiere at the Café Concert "De l'autre Côté"

The Café Concert "De l'autre Côté" is now a major place for the parisian harmonica events.
A place where there is always music, good food and conviviality. Read more ...
Published May 18th 2010

Read more ...Monthly Paris' Meeting Jean Labre
This traditional monthly meeting has been taking place in different typical parisian cafés for 20 years. A lot of international harmonica players took part, several times, in these traditional jam sessions "rendez-vous". Read more ...
Published January 31st 2010

Read more ...King's Harmonica Quintet in Concert
The King's Harmonica Quintet was created in 1987, in Hong Kong, by five young enthusiastic harmonicists, who were determined to create a revolutionary form of harmonica performance aiming to make the most of the instrument abilities. Read more ...
Published January 21st 2010

Read more ...Gifts Suggestions
« Hohner the Living Legend »
Wonderfully illustrated book commemorating the 150th anniversary of the firm foundation, beautiful to look at, it shows the current product line in Trossingen and takes you on the tracks of the harmonica in folk music all over the world. Read more ...
Published December 15th 2009

Read more ...Album Jean Labre "Postcards"
Performed by a set of remarkable musicians such as the famous guitar player Nicolas De Angelis. 14 titles, including 8 of Jean's own composition. One particular point in this album is that Jean has played several different Harmonicas: chromatic, diatonic, diatonic-chromatic and pentatonic. Read more ...
Published November 15th 2009

Read more ...Trossingen World Harmonica Festival (WHF) 2009*
The next World Harmonica Festival 2009 will take place, as usual, in the mythical town of Trossingen (Germany), from the 28th of October to the 1st of November. Organized by the F. Read more ...
Published September 7th 2009

Read more ...Sacramento SPAH Convention USA
As it was said in our calendar column, this convention is going to take place in Sacramento, California, from the 11th to the 15th of August in the Radisson hotel, with the support of Bud Gardner and the "Harmonicoots" association. Read more ...
Published July 12th 2009

Read more ...All on Stage with "Armos"
Armos ensemble have been highlighting the qualities of the chromatic harmonica since 2004, with a particulary rich repertory from classic music to jazz and variety show, and compositions of their leader , Pierre Rochat (chromatic and violonist player). Read more ...
Published June 12th 2009

Read more ...Trip to the Land of the Rising Sun
By chance it was in April, the favorite month of japanese people, symbolized by the cherry trees blossoming. A national event called "Sakura" that japanese people venerate.
Here is a summary of my 10 days essential "rendez-vous" that I had the pleasure to live. Read more ...
Published May 27th 2009

Read more ...Harmonicas de France Festival

As indicated in our "Calendar" column, the yearly Festival "Harmonicas de France" will take place in the city of Montlhéry, 91310 France, not very far from Paris (34kms). Read more ...
Published April 15th 2009

Read more ...Christmas Harmo-Gifts
A few suggestions...

On Hohner's side: the box "Bob Dylan Signature Series", the ultimate collaboration with a legend. Over 150 years of expert skill and the art of Bob Dylan. Read more ...
Published December 10th 2008

Read more ...Tribute to John Walton
John, Robert,Butler Walton, I.H.O. (International Harmonica Organization) president, died away on the 16th of May 2002*. People have in memory this atypical and talented harmonica player, also illusionist and magician, always running around the world, like a globe trotter. Read more ...
Published September 14th 2008

Read more ...Honeymoon France-Japan
On the 30th of August 2008, the japanese pianist and harmonica player Nami Miyata married the french pianist Yves Pelras, her partner in their classical four hands piano concerts. Read more ...
Published September 7th 2008

Read more ...Sebastien Charlier Diatonic Method
« Je débute... L'harmonica Diatonique »: here is a modern educative method, "Je débute... l'harmonica diatonique" (I'm beginning to play diatonic). It has the merit to tackle teaching the Richter diatonic. Read more ...
Published July 7th 2008

Read more ..."Les Harmonicas de France" Orchestra in Russia
European « Eurochestries » festivals are welcoming every year symphonic orchestras as well as young people choirs of a very high level, coming from Europe and from everywhere around the world : France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Russia, China, Quebec, etc. Read more ...
Published July 1st 2008

Read more ...45th SPAH Convention USA
This convention is going to take place in Saint Louis, Missouri State, from the 12th to the 16th of August.
The SPAH (Society for the Preservation an Advancement of the Harmonica) was born in 1963 in Detroit, Michigan state. Read more ...
Published June 21st 2008

Read more ..."Armos" Ensemble Concert at "La Comedia"
Following the success of the last year, the parisian theater "La Comedia" presents a concert with the "Armos" ensemble* and his guests: Johnny Swinger, Giovanni Volini (Italy), Stil, Michel Sanchez, and the french/japanese Trio "Les Parisiens" (Nami Miyata, Jean Labre, Maurice Bailly). Read more ...
Published June 11th 2008

Read more ... Perfume from Far East CD
We are accustomed to listening to a lot of records produced by the western part of the world, often ignorant of music coming from far off countries, far off cultures.

We have today an opportunity to discover the traditionnal folk music from Mrs. Read more ...
Published May 20th 2008

Read more ...Tokyo, April 2008, Harmonica Rendez-vous
April is a traditional cultural month in Japan, "Sakura" (cherry trees) celebration and the "Golden Week" included. This month offers also every year several harmonica concerts. Read more ...
Published March 28th 2008

Read more ..."Les Rossignols Quatuor"
"Les Rossignol" is a burlesque group. They have proved to be an outstandingly successful and atypical attraction in such varied fields and places as concert hall, theatre, variety and cabaret. Read more ...
Published February 11th 2008

Read more ...Special Claude GARDEN
Already three years... Three years since the day he died in St. Joseph Hospital in Paris. He now lies in Bagneux cimetery(1) six feet under a discreet tombstone. Henceforth the only way to chat with him is to use a flowery language. Read more ...
Published December 10th 2007

Read more ...Trossingen-BAU V, Universal Expo
A world top event is going to happen : the mythic BAU V, thank to Martin Haffner, is going to open its gates to celebrate the 150 years of life of a very dear to us musical instrument : the harmonica. Read more ...
Published September 3rd 2007

Read more ...2007 SPAH Convention, Milwaukee USA
As it was said in our calendar, this Convention is going to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from the 16th to the 19th of August in the Sheraton Brookfield Hotel.

The SPAH (Society for the Preservation and Advancement the Harmonica) was born in 1962 in Detroit, Michigan. Read more ...
Published June 14th 2007

Read more ..."La Comedia" Rendez-Vous
"Armos" group concert. This quintet includes : Pierre Rochas (chromatic harmonica, violin), Gérard Margnoux (chromatic), Dominique Lannes (chromatic), Charles Le Croller (chromatic, guitar), Jean Pierre Auger (guitar). Read more ...
Published May 20th 2007

Read more ...A French Fortnight in Japan
This event took place in Shizuoka, town twined with the French city of Cannes. This festival was organized by the French-Japan association and his president Kei Shionoya (Grand Prix de l'Académie Française for foreign writers*). Read more ...
Published April 9th 2007

Read more ...Hohner is 150 years old
Following our recent article, Hohner is informing us of the launching of 3 new models commerating its "150th anniversary".
The references are : "Standard Edition", "Chrom Edition", "Gold Edition". Read more ...
Published March 19th 2007

Read more ...Pete Pedersen, biography of a legend
The great Jerry Murad had said : "The definition of Pete Pedersen in my musical dictionnary is : the finest of all around harmonica player, composer/arranger in the world. Read more ...
Published January 20th 2007

Read more ...HARMO - BEAUJO 2006
As an introduction, this title needs an explanation. Harmo-beaujo is a contraction of two words : Harmonica and beaujolais and more specifically Beaujolais nouveau (new Beaujolais). The new Beaujolais is the first yearly production of wine in France, following the September grape harvest. Read more ...
Published December 8th 2006

Read more ...Harmonica Method - Pierre Couteau
This new educational book has the credit to tackle the teaching of the three basic instruments composing traditional harmonica bands, which are : chromatic, bass and chord/polyphonia. Read more ...
Published October 4th 2006

Read more ...Harmoliege 2006 - Harmonica in Belgium
The Belgian National Harmonica Association, CROCH'ASBL is organizing its 8th International Festival in Liège, from October the 5th to the 8th. Croch'Asbl welcomes a variety of instruments such as : guitar, banjo, violon, mandoline, etc. Read more ...
Published September 12th 2006

Read more ...Freddy Della at the Petit Journal on September 5, 2006
Freddy is an harmonicist specialist of " one man shows ", in France. He usually gives more than a hundred concerts a year, those concerts being explosive cocktails mixing country music, blues and variety. Read more ...
Published August 22nd 2006

Read more ...SPAH Convention 2006, Denver USA
As it was said in our calendar, this Convention is going to take place in Denver, Colorado, from the 15th to the 19th of August 2006, in the Renaissance Hotel.
The Spah (Society for the Preservation and Advancementof the Harmonica) was born in 1962 in Detroit, Michigan. Read more ...
Published June 23rd 2006

Paris Jazz Festival 2006
Every year, the jazz best musicians are playing at the Parc Floral de Paris, esplanade du Châtau de Vincennes,75012 Paris. It happens right now, from June the 10th to the 30th of July. Sitting in a beautiful garden , you can listen to Jean Jacques Milteau Quintet and Patrick Verbeke Quintet on July the 8th, to Sébastien Charlier-Sourisse Quartet on July the 22nd and to many other great names as Ahmad Jamal Trio, Didier Lockwood Quartet, Richard Galliano "Tangaria Quartet" and much more. Read more ...
Published June 16th 2006

Read more ...Steve Baker - International Harmonica Master Workshops
From November 1st - 5th 2006 Steve Baker will be presenting the 3rd Harmonica Masters Workshops in Trossingen (Germany), a four day educational event for diatonic harp featuring himself, Joe Filisko, David Barreth and Marc Breitfelder as instructors. Read more ...
Published June 6th 2006

Read more ...Japan : Introduction concerts in japanese primary schools

In japan, a large introduction to harmonica campaign is taking place at the moment in primary schools, (tremolo, chromatic harmonicas and ensembles). It generally takes place in playgrounds or sports hall, in front of a very young attentive audience. Read more ...
Published April 29th 2006

Read more ...Hugo Diaz CD, the Legend
If you are an harmonicist and record collector you must have in your collection at least one of Hugo Diaz cds. This Argentinian virtuoso (1927-1977), praised by Larry Adler, Toot's Thielemans, etc. Read more ...
Published April 29th 2006

Read more ...Olivier Ker Ourio - New website - Concerts
Olivier is inviting us to visit his new website,, in which we discover a large range of columns : events, biography, music scores to load, videos including : the presentation of his last album "Siroko", with Ralph Towner and Heiri Kaenzig, his concert with the quartet "A Rise with the wind", with Toot's Thielemans himself as guest, two videos with Daniel Waro, etc. Read more ...
Published April 10th 2006

Read more ...Trossingen - Let save the "Bau V"
The Situation :
During the last 20 years, nearly all the large production buildings of the world renowned companies Messner, Weiss, Koch and Hohner have been demolished, after an existence of 140 years. Read more ...
Published April 7th 2006

Read more ..."Armos" Band
Born in 2003, the Armos is a band of six professional musicians. Pierrre Rochat , composer, violinist and chromatic harmonica player is the musical director.
The musicians are: Gérard Margnoux, chromatic harmonica teacher in several music schools in Paris (a reference); Charles Le Croller, guitarist (chromatic harmonica and guitare teacher); Bernard Dubos, chromatic and diatonic soloist; Dominique Lannes, chromatic soloist and also violonist ( specialist of Bach repertoire); Jean Pierre Auger, guitarist playing classical music as well as jazz, giving to this ensemble an atypical accompaniment. Read more ...
Published March 20th 2006

Read more ...The Raisner Trio is back
Like a phoenix, the Trio Raisner is back again with a CD that will please every harmonica legend lover. It's a good reason for records shops to remember that the mouth organ music is still alive. Read more ...
Published March 11th 2006

Read more ...Japanese Ladies' Trio "Comment allez-vous?"
A new japanese trio is born : "Comment allez-vous ?" It is a feminine trio with Nami, Reina Oba and Aya kuroda. Their artistic sensibility is at the same time japanese and occidental. Read more ...
Published March 6th 2006

Read more ...J.J. Milteau Concerts 2006
It is a real big event : Jean-jacques Milteau is inviting Michelle Shocked for twelve exceptionnal evenings and twenty four concerts, with on the programme blues, jazz, country and rock. Read more ...
Published March 5th 2006

Read more ...Asia Pacific Festival 2006 in Taiwan
Taiwan was the first in 1996, then it was Kuala Lumpur in 1998, Seoul 2000, Atsugi-Tokyo 2002 and Hong Kong in 2004. The 6th Asia Pacific Festival will be held this year in Taiwan, from the 3rd to the 6th of August. Read more ...
Published February 8th 2006

Read more ...Diatonic Courses with Michel Herblin
Michel Herblin is informing you about his training courses, from introduction to improvement level, in Périgord
Noir : "Just to make your mouth water and to titillate you ears, I inform you of the existence of harmonica training courses (individual courses, from 2 to 4 days), my way, with gastronomic accomodation and innovative work methods. Read more ...
Published February 4th 2006

Read more ...A new trio : "Les Parisiens"
A new trio is born, on Nami Miyata initiative, Nami actually living in France, the most parisian among the japanese harmonica players.
In this trio, Nami is the soloist playing on the chromatic harmonica (Hohner Super 64X) but also on traditional japanese "tremolo" harmonicas (diatonic and pentatonic Tombo). Read more ...
Published February 3rd 2006

Read more ...Convention Japanese A.J.H.F. Association
This traditionnal "Golden weeks"
rendez-vous includes two events
which are : on the Saturday evening,
sponsored by the "Club Hidero Satoh",
a concert in the "Yamaha Concert Hall",
with the participation of japanese
virtuosos . Read more ...
Published February 2nd 2006

Utopia Café-Concert
The Utopia is one of the few places in Paris where you can listen to harmonica concerts, blues, jazz or country style.

Its success is mostly due to Jean-Jacques Milteau who was there at the beginnning in the eighties and is still often there, and to Jacques, the owner of the place. Read more ...
Published February 2nd 2006

Read more ...Major Pigalle, Hohner's Day
Every first thursday of each month, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., the music store Major Pigalle, repairs, on the spot, all the harmonicas of the Hohner brand.

During this day, you'll find there a counter with technicians specially sent from Semur en Auxois, headquarters of Hohner France. Read more ...
Published February 2nd 2006

Read more ...Nami Miyata
Nami, talented pianistand harmonicist, is a performer and an accompanist of a rare delicacy. She has taken part in numerous harmonica festivals in Europe and Asia. She has accompanied the best harmonicists (and among them the most late lamented Claude Garden) and more recently, in France, Opera singers. Read more ...
Published January 31st 2006

Read more ...Fata Morgana Anniversary Concert
The 25 years anniversary concert of Fata Morgana quartetis taking place at the De Hofnar Theater, Vakenswaard, Holland.
The choir "Southern Comfort Barber Mates" from Eindoven will be the guest of this event. Read more ...
Published January 30th 2006

All Charlie Mc Coy Concerts
For more information about the concerts, we suggest you to contact his agent Philippe Kulzack, or Francine, tel : (33) http://www. Read more ...
Published January 30th 2006

Francfort Musik Messe
This is the only event of its kind. It is the only moment of the year when you can discover nearly all the music instruments of the world. And to begin with, the most important harmonica brands, welcoming you on their stands, demonstrating their last models. Read more ...
Published January 27th 2006

Read more ... Harmonicas sur Cher 06 Festival
This is one of the top european events of the year. Each year you can meet there the best of the harmonica planet. With this year : Paul Lassey, Eric Frère Jacques "Les contes du Mississipi", Olivier Goulet "Le Monde de Kota", "Karl W. Read more ...
Published January 27th 2006

Read more ...Harmonica chromatic Tremolo SUZUKI SCT 128
The Suzuki Chromatic Tremolo SCT 128 is a revolution in the present harmonica little world.
It enables the traditional diatonic tremolo harmonica to enter to the chromatic family, and thus, it offers a new choice repertoires, close to the accordions one, with a similar brillant sound due to the same tuning concept. Read more ...
Published January 22nd 2006

Read more ...Parisian meetings at the Café Bistrot " Le Lien "
From now on, the usual meetings led by Jean Labre, on the first Saturday of each month, are going to take place in the above café.
The first meeting in January was a success and had a capacity audience. Read more ...
Published January 15th 2006

Found article(s) for :



Hassle Dance
Our world is inexplicably mysterious, alternately punctuated with pleasures, worries, events, unpredictable whims of our planet... This planet that makes us fewer and fewer gifts. The sources of our torments are intensified and multiples :
events, families, everyday life, etc. Read more ...
Published September 28th 2018



Night Organs
Unexpected encounter on that winter evening during which it was not recommended to put your nose out, solstice whim.
Whatever the case may be, we posted complete in the beautiful Passy Annunciation United Protestant church in Paris. Read more ...
Published March 8th 2018



An Harmonica in The Paris Garnier Opéra
For the first time in its long history, Paris Opera Garnier has welcomed a musical instrument born as itself in the 19th Century : the Harmonica of Antoine Leroux, very talented harmonica player. Read more ...
Published June 10th 2016



The Franc Pinot
In Paris, you just have to cross a bridge and you are in Saint Louis island, a mythical world where many celebrities have chosen to live. Isles have always had, an undefinable magic and this is true even in the heart of Paris. Read more ...
Published February 27th 2016



An anecdote is a historical feature, a little story told pleasantly and easily remembered by appealing to feelings. The art of telling an anecdote is part of the conversation charm in any place whatsoever, usually with family or friends, in public places : restaurant, bar, coffee shop. Read more ...
Published February 5th 2016



Blues Planet
The Blues is life and life is the Blues. It covers from the first cry of a newborn baby to the last gasp of a dying man. It's the very existence."
All is said in this beautiful Victoria Spivey book : "The Blues is Life". Read more ...
Published May 20th 2015



To Be or not to Be...
Depending on how people perceive it, the comprehension of this sentence is multiple. Let's forget an instant the poetic, theatrical dimensions of the Shakespeare's writing, to find ourselves four centuries later, on the morning of January the 9th 2015 when the tragedy happened in Charlie Hebdo magazine premises. Read more ...
Published January 24th 2015

Read more ...Claude Garden Biography, 1937-2004-(1)
Back in 1952. A day of this particular year remains deeply engraved in my memory . It's a Saturday afternoon ; we are in an harmonica club called
" CHARM ", founded by Albert Raisner, when Claude Garden appears for the first time in our harmonicist universe, pushing the door of this legendary place, rue des Petites Écuries in Paris. Read more ...
Published December 16th 2014



Flavor of Time
Flavor of the Time
Quality perceived by the senses and the taste...

Things are moving in the « Mouth Music World », initiatives are multiplying across France , every day new links are created by associations and other movements, willing to provide information needed by each of us, wherever we are. Read more ...
Published November 6th 2014



What's News
The thirst to know what is happening on our planet and in our environment, this need exploited by the medias never ceases to increase fueled by a flood of publicity... goose that lays golden eggs ! Phenomenon generating an addiction inherent to our epoch. Read more ...
Published May 11th 2014



New Year's Eve 2014
Confetti and fancy dress are now memories. The Three Wise Men are gone back into our imagination till next year, vagaries of time which tirelessly pursues its path.
A host of events already shows up in our harmonica calendar. Read more ...
Published January 1st 2014



Myth in Black Forest
Like the Phoenix, it is in Trossingen, in this magical site that it found refuge since nearly two centuries, after 2500 years of a rich journey on a road full of twists, a history already mentionned many a time in jeanlabre. Read more ...
Published October 18th 2013



The meaning of the word "benevolat" is to donate your time and effort without any retribution to organisation, sport clubs, charitable or medical groups, intellectual societies and others.
These volunteers are called "benevoles"from the Latin "Benevolus". Read more ...
Published June 28th 2013



The Return of the Swallows
The swallows, faitfull to their appointment, are back, chasing an awful winter with a lot of chirpings, heralding a year rich in harmonica events every where, with a highlight, the World Harmonica Festival (WHF2013), to be held in Trossingen, Germany, from October 30 to November 3. Read more ...
Published April 4th 2013



About Post Apocalypse
"I never think of the future, it will come soon enough."Albert Einstein

And then, after 5125 years, the Maya calendar reaching the end of its cycle, was announcing the end of the world for the 21st of December 2012. Read more ...
Published January 18th 2013



Autumn 2012 & Such the Phoenix...
Blessed are those among us who have lived during the Minevitch era. Others have discovered later this period, listening to the abundant bequeathed discography which shows an instrumental virtuosity combined with perfect orchestrations, both unmatched until now. Read more ...
Published October 16th 2012



Presidential Wind
A presidential wind is sweeping right now over the planet. The associations are not immune to this phenomenon, such as: "France Harmonica" in Paris and SPAH at Irvin , Texas... whose members are invited to return to the polls. Read more ...
Published June 20th 2012



The Artist
I've discovered silent movies in the late thirties,in the movie theater « Le Taine » in Paris, cult place at that time, rendez-vous for my childhood imagination, where I was going from time to time with my grandmother. Read more ...
Published March 15th 2012

Read more ...Harmonica... Accordéon... Accordina...
The first 20 years of the nineteenth century were prolific in inventions, starting with the harmonica and its many derivatives, fruit of imaginative inventors and perfectionistic to the extreme . Read more ...
Published February 19th 2012



Best Wishes for 2012
This not an illusion, there are two planets that live a harmonious cohabitation...
For Planet Earth which coyly claims an age of nearly five billions years, it behoves us to light a candle over on its birthday cake. Read more ...
Published January 1st 2012



Autumn Tango
I'm inviting you to travel and dance through time with me... not to waltz, but to rediscover the legendary tango.
November 1965. It's springtime in Buenos Aires, we are in calle Florida, one of city main streets where, by the end of the afternoon, swarms of tourists and regulars of those"tango bars" where people use to sing and dance on this baroque music, the rhythmic style of which is a two-four time bars, the Tango, part of the Argentine's soul. Read more ...
Published October 9th 2011



Women harmonica players
" Harmonica players ", these two words are refering equally to women or men practicing our instrument. This allows me to write this edito more easily, without distinction of sex.
Harmonica player. Read more ...
Published June 5th 2011



Sakura*, Spring in Japan
After a long journey through the hill, we came on a long driveway lined with giant cherry blossoms, the "tunnel " said my driver, a guard of honor at the end of which lies the eight century old wonderful Aoso Jinja shrine, our destination, miraculously spared by the vagaries of the planet. Read more ...
Published March 22nd 2011

Read more ...Once upon a time Albert Raisner, Biography*
"Albert left us, in the early hours of this new year, at the age of 88. A life of emotions, discoveries and music. A life dedicated to the harmonica, an instrument so close to his heart, his public and his children. Read more ...
Published February 11th 2011



Happy New Year 2011
At the dawn of the industrial revolution, the first part of the 19th century was already rich in many different inventions. At the beginning of this New Year, I'll mention two of them : the harmonica, essential for us, and the postage stamp,in 1840. Read more ...
Published January 1st 2011

Read more ...Web Address Book of Friends' Websites
You'll find here a list of friends' web links, all occupations included, that I particularly advise you to consult. Some are official sites of the persons, others are just websites with dedicated and interesting pages. Read more ...
Published October 14th 2010



Eastern Winds
They blow from the "Rising Sun" countries... And this time from Singapore. Every year, people are expecting the "Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival" as they are expecting every year the new Champagne wine. Read more ...
Published October 12th 2010

Read more ...Harmonica culture in the Merlion Country
The 8th « Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival » took place in Singapore from the 30th of July to the 2nd of August, in this surprising modern State/City, the architecture of which is easily revalising with our western megapoles. Read more ...
Published October 12th 2010



"Twenty Years Later"
An opportunity is given to me to borrow the title of the famous Alexandre Dumas novel,also author of the best-seller the"Three Musketeers" of which Hollywood has accumulated the productions. Read more ...
Published June 21st 2010

Read more ...Mouthorgan Culture in the Batavian Country
Netherlands have been for a long time up among the leaders of the mouthorgan culture. The "Veldhoven Festival 2010"(*1)has been one more time, a brillant demonstration, under the sign of the diversity, celebrating at this beginning of May the 25th anniversary of the "Veldhovense Mondharmonika Vereniging" orchestra, created in 1985 by the lamented Peter Janssen. Read more ...
Published June 7th 2010



The revenge of the Ugly Duckling
The Ugly Duckling... I have loved this Hans Christian Andersen's tale since my tender childhood. Best memories are made of this.
Nowadays, as an adult confronted with the vicissitudes of life, I often have opportunities to compare actual behaviours with what I remember of what they were when I was a child. Read more ...
Published April 1st 2010

Read more ...Harmonica Therapy / Music for Life
Following my preceding article " Musique et Santé/ L'harmonica et le souffle ", concerning Harmonica Therapy in France, http://www. Read more ...
Published March 2nd 2010

Read more ...Music and Health or Harmonica and Breath
" For more than two decades Art has been caring of Hospital. Into a traditionally sanitized universe, art introduces color, sounds and humain passions... in a single word LIFE."
Nowadays it's a topical theme and it brings me up to take up, as an introduction, the article* published in the magazine "Echos France Harmonica" (N° 37, summer 2002), written by Josette Koch Labre, under the title "L'Harmonica et le Souffle" (Harmonica and Breath), in collaboration with the association "Musique et Santé". Read more ...
Published February 6th 2010



Happy New Year 2010
It's an event which has been happening since the birth of humanity, with the same scenario occuring on the last stroke of midnight, where ever on earth people are standing at that moment, near the Fontane di Trevi, the Corcovado, the Grand Canyon or on the Champs Elysées decorated with millions of incandescent lights. Read more ...
Published January 1st 2010



Automn rendez-vous in the Black Forest
Back in the past... We are in the heart of this legendary forest at the beginning of the nineteenth century.
A family is having its daily dinner when a peddler knocks at the door ; his high figure stands out against the entrance framework, holding a solid stick in his hand, carrying a huge wicker basket on his back, he proclaims : "God bless this house", instantly the father answers by the traditional saying : "God bless you, come in and bring us happiness". Read more ...
Published October 15th 2009



Automn rendez-vous in tne Black Forest
Back in the past... We are in the heart of this legendary forest at the beginning of the nineteenth century...
A family is having its daily dinner when a peddler knocks at the door ; his high figure stands out against the entrance framework, holding a solid stick in his hand, carrying a huge wicker basket on his back, he proclaims : "God bless this house", instantly the father answers by the traditional saying : "God bless you, come in and bring us happiness". Read more ...
Published October 15th 2009



The taste of Others
June 21st... That day is a gift ! One more time, I have had the great pleasure to take part in the "Music Fest Day" with the Mirajazz Quintet, in the Paris mythical area of Saint Germain des Prés, in a café just across the legendary cabaret "La rose Rouge" (1946-1974), full of souvenirs, souvenirs. Read more ...
Published June 28th 2009



Reeds and Stars
The great international French singer Alain Bashung died of cancer a week ago.
I remember him during his last TV Music Awards appearance, it was at the beginning of March. At the end of his last piece, he plaid harmonica with an incredible sensibility ; it was a great moment of emotion. Read more ...
Published March 21st 2009



New Year's Eve 2009
The times are changing and that's well. The Three Wise Men of the New year's Eve are the opportune perfect demonstration of this movement...
The times are changing, everywhere around the world. The Harmonica Planet can only be delighted about it. Read more ...
Published January 1st 2009

Read more ...Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival 2008
This event took place in the city of Hangzhou, China (1.932.600 inhabitants), near Shanghai, from the 1st to the 4th of November. An event succeeding to the preceeding festivals in Taipei, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Atsugi (Japan), Hong Kong and Taipei a second time. Read more ...
Published November 29th 2008



Sublime Voice
"Back in the Past" ... We are in China, in the 27th century BC, under the reign of the emperor Houang-Ti, the "Yellow King", who lived, according to the legendary history, from 2697 to 2597 BC. With the inventions of the compass, a calendar and ceramic, he is also credited with the invention of the sheng (cheng), first instrument with free reeds, recognized ancestor of the mouth organ, based upon the fundamental principles governing the universe : the ying, female and passive, and the yang, male and active. Read more ...
Published October 14th 2008



Solstice in Music
What's better than a tradition ? Every year, summer is coming with its procession of events and entertainements of which people never get tired of. The summer solstice on June the 21st is the longest day of the year. Read more ...
Published June 23rd 2008

Read more ...Harmonica Trio in the Pocket
Tombo Musical Instrument company has introduced into the market two small instruments named "Pocket Ensemble" (n° 1160 and 1161), invented by Juko Saito* and intended to be used by harmonica ensembles. Read more ...
Published May 22nd 2008



April Spring Fever
It is interesting to notice that in many different countries, the first days of April are celebrated by the same sort of events : days of foolishness and tricks.

The 1st of April is in France the day of "Poissons d'Avril" (April fishes) when French children used to fix a fish drawing to the back of their schoolmates, shouting "Poisson d'Avril" when the prank is discovered. Read more ...
Published April 1st 2008

Read more ...World Championships and World Competitions Story
The harmonica is the best-known and most popular instrument in the world. That's why it was desirable and even necessary to create an organisation which will bring adepts together on an international basis. Read more ...
Published March 4th 2008



Happy New Year 2008

Once upon a time, two planets lost in the Universe infinity, two specks of dust in our galaxy.
One is the Earth. It's already known that its length of life is estimated to five billions years !
After reading those lines as an introduction, you must have already guessed the name of the second planet. Read more ...
Published December 26th 2007



Autumn on the Web
It is often said that humanity has been going through three great cultural revolutions since the beginning of our era. Without forgetting all the preceeding human great steps, just before blowing out our second autumn anniversary candles, let's consider these events to see what might be of concern to us, harmonica players. Read more ...
Published October 16th 2007



The Music Day
Welcome to the Music Day. Winds coming from everywhere are blowing on the web like messengers opening a large range of discoveries and announcing favourable unexpected meetings. For example we are discovering that Bruce Willis will take part this summer in a chromatic masterclass organized by Robert Bonfiglio in Copake, New York state. Read more ...
Published June 21st 2007



It's Spring Time !!
Spring time is here, flowers are blooming everywhere and birds are singing, flying high in the blue sky. It's time to rejoice and to celebrate in harmony with the nature revival.
Before all the Summer events, let's announce the Spring ones. Read more ...
Published April 7th 2007

Read more ...Let's talk about Hohner
Survivor of the 19th century industrial revolution in Germany, to which the mouth organ will always remain linked, this prestigious company celebrates this year its 150 years of existence.
Happy birthday Hohner !
On this occasion Hohner proposes 3 new "Hohner 150th Anniversary" models, attention it's a limited production*. Read more ...
Published March 9th 2007

Read more ...Franco de Gemini - The Moovie Soundtrack Music
"Caro Franco, La tua esecuzione con l'armonica è, ancora una volta, degna del film e dell'idea musicale che l'accompagna. Grazie encora." - Ennio Morricone
"Dear Franco, the way you are playing the harmonica is, once more time, worthy of the movie and of the musical idea accompanying it. Read more ...
Published February 23rd 2007



Happy New Year 2007
Time is going by so quickly... 2006 is already the past. Memories, memories... We must look towards the future and the New Year 2007 is already promising events of which we'll talk here very soon. Let's be confident in the flow of time which sometimes brings good surprises. Read more ...
Published December 30th 2006

Read more ...Pentatonic harmonicas
The Tremolo Pentatonic Harmonica enjoys a great popularity in the traditional music in Japan.

This new instrument has been created by Juko Saito, A.J. Read more ...
Published October 20th 2006



Autumn leaves...
Autumn leaves... the wind is brushing them over the web. This is a good sign announcing an intense activity in the harmonicist world, for the end of this year 2006.
Being seven months old, our site is very happy of the numerous visits from people from everywhere in the world : people from 61 different countries. Read more ...
Published October 4th 2006



Jean Labre's letter
We are the 21st of June and in France as in other countries it is the Music Fete.This is for me to send you this first letter.
Our website is four months old and is visited, we could nearly say,by people from everywhere. Read more ...
Published June 21st 2006

Read more ...Sunlights on the St Aignan Festival 2006 - France
I am just back from the 4th "Harmonica sur Cher Festival", which I had announced here in march. I want to come back to this festival which is a true giant success, essentialy due to the association Mediator and its dynamic president Christophe Minier. Read more ...
Published June 5th 2006

Read more ...Birth and History of a small instrument : The Harmonica
We are in China, in the 27th century BC,under the reign of one of the " Great three ancestors ", the emperor Huàngdi, the " Yellow King ", who lived, according to the legendary history, from 2697 to 2597 B. Read more ...
Published January 16th 2006

Read more ...World Harmonica Festival 2005 (WHF 2005)
We invite you to read Jean Labre article ; he was logistical coordinator for the French delegation and jury member for the international competition during the 2005 event.

Like the Big Canyon or the Taj Mahal, Trossingen cannot be described. Read more ...
Published December 15th 2005



Welcome on Jean Labre's website !
Times are changing and I give up today my participation to the « France Harmonica » website. I'll devote myself, from now on, to the « » site, with always the same objective : to keep you informed about the international life of our multifaceted instrument. Read more ...
Published October 14th 2005

Read more ...Who is Jean Labre?
To get acquainted to him, let's go back in time. Everything is beginning in the end of the forties, in an harmonica club called " Charm ", founded by Albert RAISNER. Jean is often there with his first trio " Les Vagabonds de l'Hudson " as soloist, with Robert Prouff (chord) and, successively, Jean Bouhours and Marc Pero (bass). Read more ...
Published June 16th 2005


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